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Ag News Daily Blog

This is our first shot at a blog & we think you're really going to enjoy it.

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Working Cows

The Working Cows podcast exists to give you something to think about as you seek to increase your ability as a ranch manager, stockman, financial manager, land steward, or our most important resource, the people who are on the journey with us toward ranch business success. We focus on the four pilla...

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The Ag Report

A weekly report from Todd "Bubba" Horwitz of The Bubba Show.

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Moving Iron Blog

Ag State of Mind

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The Dealer of Tomorrow

I talk about the future of the farm equipment business from time-to-time in my blogs and on Moving Iron Podcast. With automation and autonomy just around the corner, it's hard not to! Each new piece of technology inches us closer to unmanned machines and robots working in the fields. Venture capital money pours into agriculture, each looking for the next best efficiency as well as ways to combat the lack of farm labor needed to operate farms and ranches. All of this isn't an issue for the equipment dealer. Dealers will adapt their business as required, just like always. The question is, what does a shrinking customer base look like, and in turn, what will the industry resemble?

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How to Set & Achieve Your 2020 Career Goals

A New Year is just around the corner and many people will set (or are at least talk about) resolutions. Most of us are notorious for making New Year resolutions and quickly forgetting them by mid-January! But, you can’t afford to call it quits so soon when it’s career goals we’re talking about.

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5 Quick Tips to Build a Good Reputation at Work

When you first start a new job or are just beginning your career, you’ll want people to like you and respect you right off the bat. The key to earning a good reputation quickly lies in working hard and remaining humble. Here are five recommendations to build a solid reputation at work quickly.

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Selling Ag to Those Outside the Industry

The fact of the matter is, we need agricultural careers. You’ve heard it said that we need to feed millions of people, but we also need to satisfy changing taste buds and produce much more with much less while minimizing negative effects to the environment. The careers needed to solve these challenging tasks at hand will need to be filled by people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

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Make Connections from Your Computer- Careers in Agriculture Virtual Fair is offering a unique way for job seekers and employers to connect without having to stand in line or travel! The Careers in Agriculture Virtual Career Fair scheduled for September 5 is an efficient way to make connections from anywhere in North America. Virtual career fairs utilize chat rooms in lieu of the traditional career fair booth allowing for multiple conversations during the event.

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High-Paying Jobs in Agriculture for Two-Year Degrees

Agriculture has a range of opportunities for all different education levels. For some, heading straight into the workforce after graduating high school is the best option. Others may need a bachelor’s degree from a university to achieve their career goals. But if the best fit for you is to spend two years acquiring an associates degree, there are still plenty of suitable jobs in the agriculture industry. Here are five rewarding agriculture jobs that only require a two-year degree.

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