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Your daily dose of agriculturally related news, commodity markets, discussions with folks in the industry, and more!

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About the Provider

Ag News Daily was created in 2016 by Mike Pearson and Delaney Howell. After discussing what the agricultural industry needed, the idea of podcasts started to form.

Ag News Daily was created with two intentions in mind: 1- to provide people in the industry with accurate, up to date information in a newer format; 2- to connect listeners with other people in the agricultural industry. Join the two as they bring you the latest "what's happening" in the industry, the day's closing market prices, and an interview with someone in the industry.


Delaney Howell

Delaney Howell

Delaney grew up on a grain and livestock farm in Southeast Iowa and has been involved in agriculture from a very young age. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences and minors in Broadcasting and International Studies from Northwest Missouri State University and a Master's in Agricultural Communications through Texas Tech University.

Delaney strives to bring the most up to date information on the latest “news cycle” in DC politics, commodity markets, and the international agricultural scene through her travels to 23 countries. You may recognize Delaney from her role as first female host of the nationally syndicated Agribusiness show Market to Market, or on a variety of other ag media outlets such as the "Spokesman Speaks" podcast on behalf of the Iowa Farm Bureau; freelance reporter for This Week in Agribusiness, Agri-Pulse, or from her daily radio program on Your Ag Network.

As her passion has continued to grow for the industry she has started her own small business, AgCulture Media LLC, which specializes in video production for technologically savvy agricultural companies. She also freelances for This Week in Agribusiness, Agri-Pulse, and hosts a radio program on Your Ag Network.

Most recently, she joined an agricultural marketing company to serve as the face of Trader PhD, based out of Des Moines, Iowa, offering advisory services to farmers and ranchers all across the U.S.

Delaney is a member of the Iowa Cattleman's Association, one of 28 members part of the 2017 Young Cattlemen's Leadership Program (YCLP) and an Iowa Cattlemen's Association member, and a broadcast member with the National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) organization.

Ashtyn Carr

Ashtyn Carr

Ashtyn grew up raising and showing livestock. Although she enjoys learning and talking about all aspects of agriculture, but animal production is her favorite sector of the industry. She obtained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Agricultural Communications with a minor in animal science from Texas Tech University in December 2020. Currently, Ashtyn is a full time Master of Agribusiness student at Tech.

Ashtyn joined the Global Ag Network team as an intern in May 2020. She now serves as the network's Digital Content Manager.

Besides the podcast, Ashtyn enjoys doing freelance work. She does freelance photography around the Lubbock area. Likewise, Ashtyn also does freelance writing for Western Ag Life magazine. To look at some of her work, you can view past projects on her website.

Dawson Schmitt

Dawson Schmitt

While he did not grow up on a farm, Dawson did all he could to stay connected to agriculture. Living on an acreage with horses, he worked for multiple farmers, where he did anything from picking rocks in the field to working cattle.

Dawson graduated from Des Moines Area Community College in May 2020. After completing his associate's degree, he continued his post-secondary education at Iowa State University, studying agricultural communications with an emphasis in animal science.

Dawson has been with Ag News Daily since April 2021. Outside of hosting the podcast, he runs his own agricultural blog, The Heartland Report, and writes opinion articles for