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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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Jennifer is attending National PAS Conference this week and had the opportunity to sit down with competitor Abby Wing to discuss what PAS is, what members gain, and why companies should consider students in this organization for future careers.

Brian Baldridge, the new Ohio Director of Agriculture, joined Delaney to discuss events that have occurred since he began in February in the industry as well as the future of agriculture for the state.

Neil Krummen and Barb Kastner join Delaney to discuss the Iowa Corn Growers Association I-LEAD Program, their recent travels to Spain and Morocco, and how they were able to participate in this opportunity.

Carrying on with interviews from Commodity Classic, Delaney and Tanner met with Dean Barke from Fastline to discuss new upcomings and improvements in their technology.

Delaney and Tanner are back in Iowa from their trip down to Commodity Classic. Tommy Grisafi joins us today to discuss the markets and up-to-date banking announcements.

Charles Baron, Co-Founder of Farmers Business Network, joins today to discuss recent announcements revealed at Commodity Classic.

Tanner and Delaney are in Orlando for the rest of this week to cover Commodity Classic. Get caught up on that, along with a discussion Delaney had with Kellie Livernois on Bushel Farm.

Tanner is down in Florida for the beginning of Commodity Classic and gives us an update on the WASADE Report. Delaney met with Kam Quarles, the CEO of the National Potato Council, to discuss what these producers have been up to, how they contribute to our supply chain economy, and things they would like to see in the upcoming Farm Bill.

On the Ag News Daily podcast today, we have Smartwyre joining. Listen to learn about data health and the great opportunities Smartwyre has for producers of many industries!

Matthew Bennett discusses markets and the upcoming WASADE Report, along with some information on Commodity Classic. Be sure to catch Matthew, Delaney, and Tanner all at Commodity Classic this week!