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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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Today we are talking to our first member of AgGrad's current 30 Under 30 cohort! Join us as we talk to Ellie Symes about what lead her to success, The Bee Corp., and more.

What's going on with the Paycheck Protection Program? There has been some changes and we need some clarity. Glen Birnbaum is back to answer those questions!

Agronomist and farmer Jay Ruskey is here to talk about Frinj Coffee. Jay started the company some years ago to help coffee farmers and produce quality beans. Tune in to hear more about the coffee farming process and the story of Frinj.

Austin Benes form RealmFive is here to talk technology! We discuss the Realm Five products, gateway systems, disruption in agriculture technology, and more.

Elaine Kub joins us to talk about markets this week! Elaine goes into detail about winter weather, China rebuilding their swine herd, the cattle outlook, and more.

Tim Hammerich of AgGrad is here to kick off a new series here on the podcast! Tim tells us about AgGrad, the current 30 under 30 cohort, and helps us start this series off.

Mark Stock of BigIron Auctions is here to talk to us about the hot equipment and farmland markets. Mark walks us through the factors moving those markets, what kind of equipment farmers are buying, and more!

Laura Klock, Owner and Partner at Farm Life Creamery, joins us to talk about the creamery! After you listen to the episode, head over to the Farm Life Creamery website to explore their many flavors of cheese curds.

Olivier Jerphagnon from AgMonitor joins us for a very cold #TechTuesday. We talk to Olivier about the three solutions AgMonitor provides, feedback about data harvesting, and more.

Dr. Marty Matlock, Professor of Bio and Ag Engineering and Executive Director of the University of Arkansas Resiliency Center, joins us for a #FriYAY conversation about enogen corn. The Resiliency Center teamed up with Syngenta Seeds to further analyze finishing beef on enogen corn. Check it out!