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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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The girls take one to host today's #MarketMonday episode featuring Jim McCormick from Discussions include soaring wheat markets, global food insecurity, and geopolitical issues.

Today we are airing one of Delaney's great interviews from the Washington Watch event last week. She talks with Todd Vanhoose of Farm Credit counsel to get the inside scoop on the current volatile financials of ag. Tanner and Delaney also share some interesting labor news and fun conversation topics.

This fun episode features name calling, birthday celebrations, and a great interview with CropLife America. Check it out for some laughs and educational conversation!

Today we hear from Jessica Hansen from a farm hit by the Highway 702 Fire in Nebraska. Here is a list of available resources for those that would like to donate, as well as a link to resources for those affected by the fire: * Indianola Fire Department is taking Venmo donations to be split among fire departments.* The City of Cambridge is also taking donations for fire relief through Venmo or checks sent to the city. Hay or Veterinary Needs: Steve Rice -+1 (308) 695-4231, Jared Sayer - 308-695-3246 Fencing: Jon Harris - 308-695-6286 Displaced Victims Immediate Relief: Mark @ Mark's Pharmacy - 308-697-3400, Erick Lee - 308-655-0258 House cleaning/Laundry: Anna Bade - 308-340-4806

Today, for our #TechTuesday segment, Scott Schiemer of Simple Farms LLC joins us to share about his farming input app. This great tool allows farmers to track their operation costs without keeping stacks of spreadsheets in the cab. Find out more about the app on their website or by following!

Today we are joined by Naomi Blohm to talk through markets. We discuss weather, Russia-Ukraine, and other global factors affecting today's prices and how to react to them as farmers and traders.

Today, Miles Feerick, of Feerick Family Partners, joins us to discuss the current Avian Influenza situation. As a poultry producer, Miles provides a unique perspective on the outbreak and shares what measures he and his crew are taking to mitigate risks and protect their operation.

Delaney is back on the mic and we are sharing one of her great interviews from Washington D.C.. President and CEO of The Fertilizer institute talks food security and geo-political issues from a unique perspective. Tune in for the informative conversation and learn more at their website!

Today, Delaney joins us straight from the capital with Vince Peterson, President of the U.S. Wheat Associates. They talk wheat markets, Russian invasion, and drought. Find even more information about the U.S. Wheat Associates here!

Glenda Burgess, creator and owner of the Bullpen App, joins us to share a bit about her journey in creating this product. She tells about her background in agriculture, what the app can do for cattle ranchers, and how to use it in your operation. Find at more at her website or follow her on social media @getpenned.