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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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Today we are joined by Professor Josue Medellin-Azura to talk through water issues in the south west and how his projects are helping to combat them.

Today Tanner and Delaney discuss the confusion that has come along with the acreage and quarterly grain stocks report. We also welcome CEO and President of The Association of American Railroad, Ian Jefferies to talk a bit about how his industry is handling the economic, labor, and supply chain issues that we have discussed on many recent episodes.

Today Gina Gutierrez joins us from Mexico to share about her role as a fifth generation dairy farmer. She gives some insight into the global milk market and tells a bit about how she shares the story of dairy farming through social media.

Today Special Ranger Bo Fox shares with us some tips on mitigating risks of livestock theft and tells a bit of his journey that lead to his current position with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. You can find more about their organization at TSCRA.Org.

We are joined today by Ted Seifried of Zaner Ag Hedge to talk us through the mixed trading that occurred today and over the weekend. Tanner and Delaney give listeners an update on weather, market, and business headlines impacting the ag Industry.

Today we are joined by Tyson Lukasavige and Cally Arndt of Ag Aviation Adventures to share a bit of their company's story and how they share it through social media. Listeners can find them on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok to follow along with their adventures!

Today Delaney takes in the show solo for a short and sweet coverage of weather, market, and global news while also welcoming Matthew McWilliams of Tama Farm Solutions to teach us all a bit about hay equipment and twine.

On today's episode we gather the answers to some of the most common questions surrounding the economic state of our country. Ag Economists, David Widmar covers all of the gory details of inflation and interest rates in an entertaining and educational way that you won't want to miss.

Today we get the inside scoop on Navigator CO2's recent partnership agreement with Poet. Delaney has returned from travels and we are back with more headlines in agriculture news.

Today, we catch up with Justin Reece Edwards about the efforts he's making in his classroom to get urban students involved in agriculture. This #FriYAY episode also includes the usual news updates that you won't want to miss!