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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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This episode is packed full of facts you need to know; from viral videos explained to financial strain coverage, we are here to inform you on all things ag news. In addition to our reporting, Delaney joins us from Germany with a timely interview featuring Patience Okoku who discusses farming struggles in Nigeria and other African countries.

Tanner and Cassidy share financial, weather, and crop news before hopping into an interview about the private packing plant coming to Amarillo, Texas. Bryson Wright, a private consultant in the area who has worked throughout the beef industry, shares his unique perspective on how this will impact the Texas Panhandle and beyond.

Today's #TechTuesday is a fun one! We share a recap of the overnight markets, weather, and the crop progress report. Then we are joined by Sara Hisel of Happy Trails Co, a western livestock photography company. She gives some background on the heart behind her business and a run-down on her legacy session. You can learn more or book with her at

The ladies talk weather, politics, and tragic deaths before being joined by Brian Hoops of from Midwest Market Solutions. Bryan digs through the market close speaking of yield predictions, heat waves, and Wall Street.

Today, Tanner and Cassidy share some #FriYay news followed with a very informative interview with Meg Harrington. Meg is a Cattle Vet Technologist in Arkansas who has much to say concerning the new mandates for prescriptions in livestock antibiotics and electronic identification in cattle.

Join us today for an interview with Rob O'Niell, a farmer from Nebraska. He shares some insight into the harsh weather his operation haas faced and their plans to fight back. His perspective on plant, replant, and hopes for harvest is worth a listen! Stay up to date on his operation by subscribing to his Youtube channel:

Today's fun episode meets steer wrestler, Slate Wiseman, on his way to a rodeo. He tells of how he got into the sport, the struggles plaguing the industry in this economy, and the big goals he has for this season.

Today's #TechTuesday includes an interview with Freight Farms Chief Technology Office, Jake Felser, who shares about the company and how it came to be. He also gives factual evidence of the energy reduction accomplished by the company and how profitable it can truly be for small-scale commercial farmers. You can learn more about this innovative company at their website:

The girls are back together to bring you today's news and share a #MarketMonday report. Craig Turner shares his perspective on commodities and livestock and his predictions for summer markets.

This highly anticipated episode includes an interview with Chandler Goule, CEO of the National Association of Wheat Growers. He shares his personal story, perspective on the markets, and an overview of what his organization handles.