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ASoM focuses on mental health and how it affects those of us involved in agriculture. I will hold conversations with both professionals and producers about addressing mental health in ag and how we can adequately remedy the stresses.

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Greetings and welcome to the Diamond episode of the Ag State of Mind Podcast. Thanks to everyone for an incredible run of episodes. Going Solo today to chat about Internal Vs. External validation. We worry so much about the validation from people outside of ourselves, but do we worry about the opinion we have of ourselves enough? If we aren't happy with ourselves, then no one else's opinions will matter. Special shout out to my coach Marinda Burt for the inspiration behind this message. Go check her out on Instagram at

It's February so that means it's time for our county fair steer projects to begin. This year is a bit different for us because we have 2 kids showing steers instead of just one. I talk today about what the county fair means to us and a little bit about the process.

Pain is something that nearly everyone has experienced. Being involved in agriculture, often times this pain can be amplified. We are often times taught to hide or mask the pain when we instead should be taking measures to do something about it. Today we welcome back Tara Haskins from Agrisafe. We were introduced to Tara on episode 44 of the podcast. Agrisafe has an upcoming webinar that is focusing on talking to farmers about their pain. We then talk more in depth about pain and specifically about opioids and how they can affect us. You can find the link to that webinar here

Greetings. Welcome to Beef Tips Volume 1. This is a new venture that I am trying out to hopefully reach a different audience with Ag State of Mind. I'm going to be focusing on the lessons I have learned on my cattle operation. Today, I'm focusing on my decision to move my calving season back until April. It has been a huge help in managing stress on our farm. I hope you all enjoy this. Please send me a DM on my social media pages to let me know what you think.

Happy Valentines today. I've made it no secret how I am interested and trying to be involved in regenerative ranching. I've found that it is the most enjoyable and economical way for me to raise my cattle and for me to be kind to the Earth. My guest today is a huge influence in my regenerative journey. Brian Alexander, The Red Hills Rancher, does some incredible, influential things on his ranch in Kansas. We talk to him today about his journey and how regenerative grazing has benefited his operation. We also chat about his new podcast which launches Feb 15. Ranching Reboot will be Conversations in land stewardship with some of today's most innovative ranchers and producers. It gives us Ideas outside the mainstream of Ranching. I'm really excited to introduce Brian and his new podcast to you guys. For more, go to

n our lives and our businesses, we often find ourselves making decisions based on emotion when we should be making those decisions based on hard evidence. What if there was someone out there who could help you work through those emotions to help you make the best decision. Whitney Kinne is a leadership and career coach who helps her clients do just that. We chat today about all of the hard decisions that need to be made in our careers and how having a neutral party in these aforementioned situations can help make those decisions a bit simpler. Whitney has a significant background in agriculture with both of her parents involved with youth in agriculture as she was growing up. Whitney also for a time worked with the Missouri Beef Council as well as the University of Missouri College of Agriculture. She now resides in her childhood home outside of Clinton, Missouri with her husband and two children. Whitney and I had a fascinating conversation and I am excited for you guys to hear it. I have a strong feeling that Whitney will be back on the podcast someday. Find all the links for Whitney at

Extreme focus on fitness and being involved in agriculture have not always gone hand in hand. I find that odd. However, there are several in the agriculture world who are doing their best to break that. Sami Bolen is a wife, mother, rancher, MU extension agent, among other things living in Southwest Missouri. She has an incredible passion for fitness that goes hand in hand with her passion for farming. We chat a bit about her journey and how she has taken steps to keep herself as fit as possible. The highlight of the podcast to me is Sami's why behind being as fit as possible. She says she wants to be farming for as long as possible. She wants to be farming alongside as many generations as she can. See she gets it. We all need a why behind our fitness to make sure we are successful. Find links at

Leah McGrath is a Registered Dietician currently employed in retail (supermarket) dietetics. We chat today about her journey and the interesting role she plays as a supermarket dietitian. This is something I didn’t really know existed until Leah and I chatted on the podcast. We then shift to talk about the important role advocacy plays in connecting producers and consumers. About how the disruption of the supply chain helped us see how important it is to understand where the products we use originate and what steps they have to take to get into our homes. We finish by chatting about meat and the role it plays in a healthy diet. How the pandemic has shown us how important it is to families.

Hello and Welcome to this episode fo Ag State of Mind a proud member of the Global Ag network. Today we are continuing our series on diet and nutrition with my friend Nicole Rodriguez. I'll start off and let everyone know that the episode ends rather abruptly. We had some issues with my rural internet connection that wreaked havoc for us. We had to restart our connection once but then it finally shut off for good toward the end. The joys of podcasting with rural internet. Nicole is a registered dietician from Long Island who is an incredible advocate for the beef industry. We talk about a lot of things but we really focus on advocacy in the beef industry and how we as producers have an important story to tell to help connect consumers with their food. We also talk about relationship with food. How there are no real “good” or “bad” foods and, simply, how we should actually eat real food and stay away from liquid diets and other things of similar nature. Nicole and I originally connected on Twitter but she has become one of my favorite follows on Instagram. To find out about Nicole, her blog, and her social media, go to

We are going to pause our month on nutrition today to chat with my friend Whitney Larson. Whitney is a farmer from Western Kansas who is an incredible advocate for farmers and in particular farmers wives everywhere. If you have been a long time listener of the podcast, you’ll recall we talked to Kylie Epperson last April who is Whitney’s cohost of the Midwest Farm Wives podcast. So today is Whitney’s turn. This is a perfect opportunity to plug an event that is coming up which was created by whitney. On February 20, 2021 there will be an online event for women in ag that is titled Cultivating Courage. There are a wide variety of speakers on a number of different topics ranging from ag literacy to field meals. I am very honored to be the only man speaking at this event and sharing my keynote on mental health and how it affects us in ag. To register for this event go to