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ASoM focuses on mental health and how it affects those of us involved in agriculture. I will hold conversations with both professionals and producers about addressing mental health in ag and how we can adequately remedy the stresses.

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Today's episode is not necessarily related to my farm or cattle operation but my relationship with money. I watched stories from Megan Teerlink this week and she expounded on an experience she had at Costco this week. We are always chasing money just to spend it as fast as it comes to us. What if there was another option. What if we created a new energy around money that we don't have to spend it as soon as we get it. Becoming more intentional with our money will help us create a more abundant mindset around it. Find more at

Susan Harris is an extension educator with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She specializes in rural health wellness and safety. Susan was actually guest on episode number four of the podcast where at the end of that episode we talked a little bit about the importance of sleep. Today we take a bit of a deeper dive into sleep and how it is important for us to pay attention to our sleep. Sleep should no longer be seen as a luxury but as a necessity. One edit here that I wanted to make sure to list. Around 5 minutes in to the interview Susan says that sleep is an umbrella that controls a number of health conditions. She spoke to me after we recorded and wanted to correct herself. What she intended to say is that sleep can protect against these negative health consequences. Susan is an incredible woman and I am so thankful for her long time support of the podcast. To find Susan online go to

I often think of things as a purist. I think that if someone is giving me valuable information that I should take it 100 percent to heart. If I don't, then I view myself as a failure. I came to the realization just recently that this frame of thinking just isn't correct. We can take even small pieces of the good information that we hear and apply it to ourlives and view it as a success. If we define success for ourselves then success is inevitable. More at

Today we welcome back Kiah Twisselman. If you’re following along with the podcast we were introduced to Kiah on episode 38 of ASOM. She shared there her remarkable journey of losing over 100 lbs with no fad diets, no gym membership and no surgery! Just plain ok’d determination and mindset!! She returns today to discuss diet culture and how it often falls flat. We also talk a little bit about goals and mindset around them. It was so great to chat with Kiah again! To find Kiah online check her website out at

I had an experience changing out a busted pipe at one of my farms last weekend. I traditionally have not been a very good DIY guy. When something like this happens, I usually hire someone to come out and fix whatever issue I have. But something has changed in me over the last several years. I have found that I owe it to myself to take some responsibility and do the things that may scare me a bit. Being a lifelong learner is about humbling yourself and swallowing your pride. When you make a commitment to being a lifelong learner you are able to accomplish things you had previously written off. In this episode, I talk about the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Find that book on Amazon here.

Greetings and welcome to the Diamond episode of the Ag State of Mind Podcast. Thanks to everyone for an incredible run of episodes. Going Solo today to chat about Internal Vs. External validation. We worry so much about the validation from people outside of ourselves, but do we worry about the opinion we have of ourselves enough? If we aren't happy with ourselves, then no one else's opinions will matter. Special shout out to my coach Marinda Burt for the inspiration behind this message. Go check her out on Instagram at

It's February so that means it's time for our county fair steer projects to begin. This year is a bit different for us because we have 2 kids showing steers instead of just one. I talk today about what the county fair means to us and a little bit about the process.

Pain is something that nearly everyone has experienced. Being involved in agriculture, often times this pain can be amplified. We are often times taught to hide or mask the pain when we instead should be taking measures to do something about it. Today we welcome back Tara Haskins from Agrisafe. We were introduced to Tara on episode 44 of the podcast. Agrisafe has an upcoming webinar that is focusing on talking to farmers about their pain. We then talk more in depth about pain and specifically about opioids and how they can affect us. You can find the link to that webinar here

Greetings. Welcome to Beef Tips Volume 1. This is a new venture that I am trying out to hopefully reach a different audience with Ag State of Mind. I'm going to be focusing on the lessons I have learned on my cattle operation. Today, I'm focusing on my decision to move my calving season back until April. It has been a huge help in managing stress on our farm. I hope you all enjoy this. Please send me a DM on my social media pages to let me know what you think.

Happy Valentines today. I've made it no secret how I am interested and trying to be involved in regenerative ranching. I've found that it is the most enjoyable and economical way for me to raise my cattle and for me to be kind to the Earth. My guest today is a huge influence in my regenerative journey. Brian Alexander, The Red Hills Rancher, does some incredible, influential things on his ranch in Kansas. We talk to him today about his journey and how regenerative grazing has benefited his operation. We also chat about his new podcast which launches Feb 15. Ranching Reboot will be Conversations in land stewardship with some of today's most innovative ranchers and producers. It gives us Ideas outside the mainstream of Ranching. I'm really excited to introduce Brian and his new podcast to you guys. For more, go to