South Carolina Farmer talking about success at any size

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eff Siewicki (pronounced suh-wick-E) is a farmer and coach. Jeff started Vital Mission Farm in 2017 to grow food that is healthy for people, animals, land and environment. His mission was to innovate and develop new agricultural techniques that act as a solution to climate change while supporting farmer stability. Through a lot of hard work, trial and error, he figured out the key elements to being successful financially, mentally, and environmentally while farming on small acreage. In addition, to raising pastured poultry and perennial crops, Jeff teaches other farmers how to start and scale up a successful regenerative farm so they too can become profitable doing what they love. He is passionate about regenerative agriculture and believes that small regenerative farms are the key to improving human health, farmer success, and environmental sustainabily

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ASOM Ep 134 - Jeff Siewicki - Regenerative Success