How we achieve balance

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Happy New Year!! Today Keri and I record another podcast together talking about balance. There are a lot of self help gurus who tell you that there is no way to achieve balance. That balance is something that is a myth and if you are balancing then something isn't getting the proper attention. We push back on that notion a little because we can balance the most important things to us. We just have to be very intentional and mindful of what we are trying to do. We talk about that today and talk about how we get all the things we do done. About how having a core value list helps us make decisions on what we spend our time and money on. We close out the podcast talking about what 2023 has in store for Keri and our yoga business. Apologies for the poor audio quality on this episode. I recorded on the wrong mic and it shows. If anything, it shows me how important the investment of a good microphone is to a podcasting business! Find Keri on Instagram @kerimedows

ASOM Ep 166 - Keri Medows - Balance