4 podcasters record a podcast together

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What does it take to get 4 ag podcasters together to record a podcast together? A lot of prep and planning and months of advance notice apparently. Jared Luhman, Bryan Alexander, and Clay Conry are hosts of the Herd Quitter, Ranching Reboot, and Working Cows podcasts, respectively. We had the idea of the 4 of us getting together and recording a podcast. It took several months for us to make it work but man am I glad we did. We started off chatting about our regenerative ag journeys. About how context matters so much in any operation. We then chat a bit about what podcasting looks like for us and the benefits and enjoyment and education we have obtained from podcasting. We also chat a bit about the state of the American food system and where we see it going. What a great episode. I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. We hope to have another episode together, this time all of us being in the same location, sometime soon.

ASOM EP 170 - Bryan Alexander, Jared Luhman, & Clay Conry - Knights of the Ag Podcast Roundtable