tyler and i return together for an update on what's been happening in our lives

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Welcome to another episode of the Ranching Side Hustle podcast. For those of you who are new to the podcast, RSH is a subseries within ASOM where my buddy Tyler Keckley and I talk about the challlenges and day in day outs of running side hustle ranching businesses. Tyler and I both have town jobs (banker and pharmacist respectively) as well as our beef enterprises. Today, we chat about what has been going on with our ranch enterprises. We talk about what the next year may hold and a few of our new endeavors since we last talked. We chat about how we are doing a few things differently and how we are hoping they pan out for us in the next couple of months. We then shift gears completely and begin to talk about our half marathon trainings. We both have 13.1 we are scheduled to run in April. Talking about the grind that those sort of trainings can be and the challenges we have to fit it all in. Sign up for my newsletter and get a free PDF of my morning routine at https://www.subscribepage.com/agstateofmindmorningroutine

Ranching Side Hustle - Jan 2023 - Update on our ranches and half marathon training