Alignment over balance

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There is so much talk about work/life balance in todays world. In fact, I gave a talk on this exact concept this past weekend at a Missouri Farm Bureau conference. Balance is something that always seems to be a moving target and it’s a hard, even impossible thing to achieve. Shane Kinne has come up with a different term for this concept to help change the way we look at it. Shane runs a consultant and coaching business with his wife Whitney where there main focus is this concept called alignment. Alignment is a new way to frame the concept of balance where all that we do, whether that be farming, parenting, town job, hobbies, etc is all in alignment with each other. It’s a value based system where you are looking at principles and how your actions reflect your principles. This was a great conversation with Shane and I’m so excited for you to hear it. Make sure you tune in to hear some of Shane’s favorite personal development resources. I’m so glad we got to finally have this podcast as technology was definitely not working in our favor. The joys of podcasting with rural internet.

ASOM Ep 171 - Shane Kinne - Alignment