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The Millennial Ag Podcast is the brainchild of Katharine Lotspeich, a Utah dairy farmer, and Valene Lickley, a 5th generation beef rancher from southern Idaho. Both passionate agriculturists from very different backgrounds, we realized our diverse perspectives could play a role in helping to widen agriculture conversations.

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As we barrel through the holidays, we thought it might be interesting to bring in a perspective we haven't heard from before: meat processing and research and product development. Natalie Wyne joins us this week to discuss what's really behind some of those labels that make us scratch our heads, including paleo, keto-friendly, and that perennial favorite, all-natural. Natalie sheds a little light on all the double talk in labeling, and talks with us about what fresh, never frozen actually means. This is a great and informative episode from a sector we haven't heard from before. Tune in! Follow Millennial Ag online:

Friends, we’re at the tail end of 2020. It’s certainly been a year for the books and the temptation to let the rest of the year slide is certainly enticing. This week, we share with you how we’ve leaned into some discomfort and change as the year starts to turn, and how it’s helping us learn grace for ourselves, focus on growth, and recognize that change isn’t just reserved for January 1. Join us as we lean into some vulnerability, and share what is and isn’t working for us as we learn how to risk and grow. Follow Millennial Ag online:

For once, the both of us were in the same place to record this week, and we bring you our annual gratitude episode. We each share things that we're especially grateful for in this crazy year, some life updates, and encouragement to finish the year strong and with grace. Millennial Ag, thank you for the chance to bring you our thoughts and perspectives through this medium. We can't do this podcast adventure without you, and we're so glad you're on this ride with us! Happy Thanksgiving from us to you and yours. Follow Millennial Ag online:

This week, we are excited to bring you Katharine's parents, John and Maria Nye. Dairying together for nearly 40 years, John and Maria join us this week to talk about the decision they made five years ago to market their milk in a completely new way than most producers in the United States do. They discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that have arisen from this decision, how life has changed, and why dairying is fun again, in the words of John. They wrap up with some excellent advice for young people in agriculture, and throughout the episode, their passion and love for what they do is evident and inspiring. You don't want to miss this episode of the Millennial Ag Podcast! Follow Millennial Ag online:

We're excited to be joined this week by Angela Dwyer, Habitat Coordinator with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. Angela's work often intersects with the farming and ranching communities, and sees huge opportunities for collaboration between seemingly disparate communities. She says the most important thing is making sure that all stakeholders, not just the loudest ones, are at the tables during discussions about policy that have ripple effects in directions that might not otherwise be considered. This is a great episode with a great guest, taking a closer look at a side of agriculture that isn't often considered. You can find Angela and more information about the Bird Conservancy at Follow Millennial Ag online:

It’s been a heck of a week. It’s been a heck of an election season. By most any metric, it’s been a heck of a year. This week, we decided to go against the noise, and give you updates on where we’re at and some encouragement. We hope this short and sweet episode restores you just a little like it did for us. Here’s to more compassion and grace in every part of our lives.

This week, we're excited to welcome back Laurie Lickley, a rancher and state representative from Idaho. She walks us through how we as citizens can be engaged in the policy and lawmaking processes. She lays out how and why things happen in the legislative process, and how typically, most legislation starts at the grassroots level, with regular citizens just like ourselves. If you're still wondering whether your voice counts as the US elections near, look no further than this episode. You'll find out how and why to get involved, questions legislators ask, and be reminded of the distinct honor we have to be American citizens, with the rights and responsibilities our Constitution endows upon us. The US elections are on November 3, 2020. If you haven't already done so, make sure to make a plan to vote, whether it's by mail or in person. Follow Millennial Ag online:

Two weeks out from the U.S. elections, we're joined by Jason Medows, a pharmacist and agriculture producer, not to mention a podcaster in his own right. Jason talks with us about how mindset is the most important thing you can cultivate for mental health. He shares real world advice on how he keeps his mental health in top shape. He also discusses the importance of keeping perspective as we head into elections. He encourages folks to keep the big picture in mind, to choose kindness when interacting with others, and to take a step back if needed. One of his top ways to maintain mental health is by simply turning off the news. Like all of our guests who talk about mental health, Jason is real and down to earth. He doesn't have gimmicky fixes, but lots of experience and "here's what's worked for me". If you're feeling a little run down by politics, COVID, 2020 in general, this episode is for you. Make sure to check out Jason's podcast, Ag State of Mind and give him a follow on social media while you're there! You can find Jason and the Ag State of Mind podcast at: Follow Millennial Ag online:

This week, we take the Millennial factor to the max. We’re excited to welcome three Millennials from agriculture, to talk about where they’re standing politically as we barrel towards November 3. Dan Lotspeich joins us as a produce grower from northeastern Nevada. A registered Republican, he describes himself as a reluctant but strident Biden voter. Leah Pratt grew up in a conservative household in California, and now is a registered Democrat in rural Idaho. Dustin Cooksey comes to us from row crop production in northeastern Colorado, and is planning to vote for President Trump. These three millennials in ag come together for – wait for it – CIVIL CONVERSATION centered around the United States’ upcoming elections. They discuss policy differences, how they’ve come to their decisions, and perhaps most importantly, showcase that we’re only as divided as we allow ourselves to be. This civilized discussion is something we’re incredibly proud to bring you this fall, and encourage anyone who’s feeling especially discouraged by the discourse in our country right now to tune in. This episode will give you hope. Follow Millennial Ag online:

In anticipation of US elections occurring in just less than a month, this week we're excited to welcome a veteran political strategist and consultant, Brett Moore to the show. A native from a wheat farm in western Kansas, Brett breaks down how the electoral college works, and more importantly, how it might actually be in favor of agriculture and rural voters (California has 55 electoral votes, Wyoming has 3...tune in to hear how the math works!) Amid the noise and name calling, Millennial Ag is excited to bring you the first in our several weeks of election coverage. You can find Brett at: OnTheBallot Consulting Brett@OnTheBallot.CO 303-900-8154 Denver, CO Follow Millennial Ag online: