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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Steve Campbell joined me to discuss his bull sale catalog wish list. What information do we wish we would see in bull sale catalogs? How can we go about selecting bulls that will create the most grass-efficient females? We set out to answer these questions and more.Sponsor:DPHBiologicals.comShow

Steve Cote is a stockmanship expert from Idaho. He has traveled extensively putting on stockmanship clinics in the vein of Bud Williams. He joined me to talk about a day of stockmanship. We pick up this conversation where we started last week with Dr. Tom Noffsinger. We start from the corral and talk about our approach to getting cattle through the facilities in which we find ourselves.

Dr. Tom Noffsinger joined me to start a two-part series on stockmanship in the vein of Bud Williams. We start at the trailers and walkthrough our approach of the cattle all the way to the corrals. We will pick this series up next week with Steve Cote about our approach in the pens and through the chute.

Brad Kruse from Wisconsin joined me to discuss his journey from cow/calf, to pigs, to sheep, and finally to honeybees. We talk about the factors that influenced Brad's decision to look deeper into honeybees as well as how he continues to balance his other enterprises.

Amber Kenyon of Gateway Research Organization joined me to talk about the work GRO has been doing on their heifer pasture. We talk about the history of the management and what they are hoping to discover through observation of different grazing system designs.

Floyd and Donna Cammack have been ranching together for 70 years. I sat down with them to capture a portion of their story. We talked about raising kids, survivning the blizzard of '49, and what it took to live on the prairies when they got started.There are pictures of some of the artifacts they shared with me at

Travis Krause and Frates Seeligson of Grazing Lands joined me to talk about the business of Grass-Finished Beef. We talk about what it takes to find animals that will finish on grass as well as how they are part of a movement to build an ecosystem of regenerative markets.

Sage Askin of Askin Land and Livestock near Lusk, WY. He joined me to talk abou this experience working with Peruvian Herders for his sheep flocks. We talk about the practicalities of supporting them with supplies, communicating, and working sheep with Peruvian Herders.

Bob Havard, previous podcast guest on episode 98, joins me to catch up. We talk about the shift towards regenerative farming in the UK, the demand for grass finished beef, Bob's research, and more.

Erik Glenn, of Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultrual Land Trust joined me to talk about the details of making use of Conservation Easements. We talked about what land makes a good candidate for a conservation easement as well as what restrictions are placed on land that is in a conservation easement.