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Tune in with Clay Conry, a western South Dakota native, as he provides a platform for producers to discuss paradigm challenging practices in the cattle industry.

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Amanda Radke is an agvocate, author, speaker, and rancher. She has traveled extensively speaking to ag groups about answering the objections raised by those opposed to agriculture. She joined me to talk about that work today as well as her new book, out today, Faith, Family, and Freedom.

Cindy Zenk is the Coordinator for the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition. SDHC is a cutting-edge organization that has been pushing the soil health conversation forward. Cindy joined me to talk about the creation of the South Dakota Grazing Exchange. A tool developed to facilitate the integration of livestock on to crop ground.

Ken Redman has used linear measuring to analyze thousands of cattle. He joined me to talk about how we can use this tool to speed up the selection process to move our herds toward the goals we have for them more quickly.

Curt Nelson is a farmer near Brookings, SD. He has been involved on his farm since his birth in 1929. He started driving his first team of horses pulling a corn cultivator at 6 years old. I talked with him and his grandson Darren about the changes he has seen as well as some of what his day-to-day life was like.

Scott Hauck ranches with his wife and children near Mancos, CO. He joined me to talk about what makes regenerative agriculture truly regenerative. We talk about his history as well as what truly defines success for us.

Brian Alexander is a rancher from the Red Hills of Kansas and the host of the Ranching Reboot Podcast. He joined me to talk about a concept that comes up late in the Ranching For Profit school called Nature +1. We talk about what the concept is as well as the ways in which Corriente cattle are a fulfilment of that concept.

Shane Barber of Barber Industries joined me to discuss the balance between a well-executed grazing plan and having employees (family) that love you. We talked about what we sacrifice first as well as how we think about keeping things in perspective.

Craig Thompson and Gordon Decker from Rockside Ranch joined me to talk about Rockside's new podcast Restoration Matters. We talk about the meaning behind the name as well as the unique approach Rockside takes to addiction recovery.

Doug Ferguson is a sell/buy marketer and a sell/buy marketing instructor. He joined me to talk about the power of mindset. We talk about the power of positivity, negativity, emotions, and how to make those impulses work for you.

Wayne Knight is the Executive Director of Holistic Management International. He joined me to discuss an initiative HMI has undertaken to simplify the monitoring process and increase the likelihood of timely destocking in the event of a drought.