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A weekly podcast with an aim to entertain its audience with an on-the-fly comedy and commentary style of production.

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Well, you know, the guys meant well, but ended up talking about their dreamy childhood years of the 80's. Video rental stores, radio station contests and console tv's. You know, important stuff. Then they get to the passing Winter Storm Uri.

A Texas Panhandle police chief gets himself caught up in a Lifetime Movie worthy performance of infidelity and fraud. Also, mullets and cold weather. It's a dream of an episode.

If we had our way, you would no longer be able to make big orders in the drive thru. This ain't Thanksgiving. Just one of our "Executive Orders".

Dryline Farmer | Jan 21, 2021

President Trump handed out pardons this week as he left office, so the natural thing to do was for Brent and Landon to hand out their own "pardons".

Brent talks with Tom Tenseth. A hunter, truck hustler, Dairy Queen aficionado, and biker hooligan.

Things really hit the fan today in DC. Civil war to unlikely, hopefully, but if it did take place would that finally get us back to $8.00 corn? Casey Seymour says "Corn in teens".

Scientists "reanimate" a mummy's voice. Neehhhhh. Yeah, that's what it sounds like it. Nehhhh.

A famous televangelist has his very own "Inspiration Cube". We discuss that and all the products "You Might Also Be Interested In". And for all you sophisticated types: above ground pools.

We return with Jehovah's Witnesses and entries straight out of the Urban Dictionary. Listener discretion is not only encouraged, it's strongly recommended. We actually beg you to.

There were certain things in the wild West you just couldn't unsee. And this episode you won't be able to unhear, so keep the kids away from the volume.