The Dryline Farmer Podcast

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  • Comedy

A weekly podcast with an aim to entertain its audience with an on-the-fly comedy and commentary style of production.

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Arguing on Twitter can make your life worse. Well maybe not worse, but certainly not better. We list the things more productive than getting into a pissing match on Twitter. And we of course, have to talk about the $300,000 steer that blew up Twitter.

This week, we go fishing through our spam filters and see if we can find our important tax documents. Also, don't miss our sponsor this week, Dutch Oven Perfumes!

Hear about what Conrad will do for you!

Conrad has an opinion on your germ ridden handshake.

Month by month, Brent, Landon and Casey offer their predictions on how certain big time events get affected by immature and demeaning people.

We start the show with football talk where Casey and Landon reveal their poor football picking skills. And later we finish up our awards show with some "best and worst of" awards!

And the categories are: Worst Year of the Decade, Person Who Was in the News But Shouldn't Have Been, D-Bag of the Decade and many more!!

This week, Brent interviews Jerry Donner, manager of the Scottsbluff Fertilizer COOP and they talk about farming and the Nutcracker. At least a little bit...

Apparently taping fruit to the wall is considered fine art now because a banana taped to a wall brought over $100,000 in Florida. And later, we go over just the headlines scrawled out across the Drudge Report. (We don't read the stories.)

The podcast has hit a new low, well at least we hope this is the lowest point. "Perineum Sunning" is apparently a thing now, and we're just the geniuses to talk about it. Also, Brent and Landon go on the crime beat.