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The Ag News Daily podcast is compilation of the latest agricultural news in one convenient 30 minute talk show styled run down. Combined with fascinating interviews from folks all across the industry, the AND podcast aims to be your daily dose of agricultural news!

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We've got a wide ranging episode today with lots of talk about trade, the disappointed export news for corn and soybeans today, Brazil's presidential election, and an expansion down at Creekstone Farms, LLC in Arkansas City, Kansas.Plus, reporter Hannah Pagel brings us some interviews from the National FFA Convention and Mike had a chat with the Iowa Soybean Association's new director of policy, Michael Dolch. Be sure to stay tuned as we are very very close to rolling out a new website and a new way to listen to some of your favorite (or soon to be favorite) podcasts!

Sausage causes a kerfuffle in Japan! Massive harvest progress! Trade news (probably)! All of these things and more on today's episode of Ag News Daily. Plus, a fascinating and wide ranging conversation with Nigerian corn grower Patience Koku, one of the few farmers in her area with center pivot irrigation and plenty of thoughts on GMOs, global trade, and what Nigeria needs to be working on to move forward

Delays in harvest for both US and Canadian producers have crop harvest reports behind averages for producers in both North American countries. A potentially new FTA between the US and Philippines could lower tariffs on US meat products and increase pork exports into the Asian country. Another ASF case was cited in a Southern province in China, the FIRST for this part of the country; and the USDA and FDA will begin a two day dialogue to discuss the outcome of cultured cell meat. For today's #TechTuesday interview, Joshua Peschel from Iowa State University shares some of his research relating to animal husbandry and health for the pork and cattle industries.

Gorgeous fall weather across the country on today's #MarketMonday episode. Join Mike and Delaney as they discuss the latest trade news about USMCA, China, African Swine Fever, and net farm income for 2018. Plus a little Market discussion with Matt Bennett of Bennett Consulting to see where the commodity markets are headed.

Hard to believe that another Friday is already here! It's a bit of a slow news day, but things are still happening with African Swine Fever, the Chinese soybean crop, and in D.C.Plus, we had the chance to sit with Edgard Ramirez, an Argentinian corn and soybean grower to talk about last season's weather, the trade war, and the work he has done with helping African farmers utilize no-till cropping systems. Tune in now!

It's World Food Prize week in Des Moines, which means farmers, agribusiness folks, journalists, and communicators are congregated at the Marriott hotel in Downtown Des Moines, so Mike and Delaney went down to catch up with the folks from the Global Farmer Network. Again, some tremendous growers from many different countries were on hand to discuss agriculture in their home countries and the challenges and opportunities they have in front of them. For today's episode, we spoke with Gina Gutierrez, who is the fifth generation on her family's dairy farm north of Mexico City. She was also the recipient of this year's Kleckner Award for her work in advocating on behalf of agriculture.

Hurricane Michael & Florence hit Southern Agriculture hard; Ashley Arrington discusses the impacts she has seen from a "boots on the ground" perspective. Mike and Delaney also discusses Brazil's latest scandal, trade negotiations between the US and fellow trading partners, and the newest African Swine Fever outbreak.

Mike and Delaney are enjoying the crisp fall day by of course bringing you the latest ag news! Today's headlines include Farm Bill dialogue, the latest on the E15 announcement, Hurricane impacts on agriculture, and new trade deals from developing country. Plus a great #TechTuesday interview with Georgia Francis King, Ideas Editor for Quartz, sharing about their latest installation of "The Future of Food" which largely focuses on technology!

Delaney is on a 'work-cation' down in Lexington, KY and she rounded up a few interviews for today's #MarketMonday discussion. One was with podcast sponsor Barber & Sons Cattle Co where she spoke with owner Larry Barber about the state of the cattle industry and what he sees everyday. She also caught up with Jim Akers from Bluegrass Stockyards and they spoke about industry from the perspective of a stockyards/sale barn owner. Very good discussions!With Delaney gone, Mike was in charge of the news roundup for the day, and there are a few stories, Egypt looks to modernize it's wheat buying scheme and retail sales may have inadvertently helped push soybean prices higher today!

We've got a big Friday episode that we're using to have a little fun and clear up some misconceptions. First of all, new news in the glyphosate cancer trial in California was announced; second, a meeting between President Xi and President Trump; and third, African Swine Fever outbreak again in China.With China's tariffs still shaping the soybean market, we wanted to make sure that our facts were right when it comes to importing and exporting soy and other grains. To do that, we got on the phone with Dr. Frayne Olson, the NDSU Extension Marketing expert who works a lot with grain coming and going from Canada. Be sure to listen in over the weekend!