Convos w/ FarmHer guests Emily Roush and DeeDee Chadwick

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Today we continue our coverage of the first FarmHer Conference in Des Moines, Iowa by speaking with two more driven women in Agriculture; Emily Roush, who raises hogs with her husband in Kansas and was the recipient of the first FarmHer Scholarship, and Dee Dee Chadwick with Nationwide Financial, who works with business owners of all stripes, including farm and ranch businesses, to craft succession plans that achieve the owners' goals.

We also take a look at some of the big news of the day: EPA formally begins withdrawing the WOTUS regulation, though it will be a multi-step process; and BPI settles its defamation case with ABC news over the "pink slime" coverage of BPI's lean finely-textured beef from 2012.

Listen now!

June 28, 2017 Day 2 of FarmHer Conference