Episode 155 - Celebrate June Dairy Month with DairyMAX!

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Happy June Dairy Month! To highlight one of our two favorite categories of food, Marty McKinzie, Chief Growth Officer with DairyMAX, joins us to share everything his organization does to promote milk and dairy products.

DairyMAX, a regional dairy promotion agency in the United States, takes its mission to ensure advocacy and access to dairy products seriously. Marty highlights their many efforts, including strategic partnerships, school education and nutrition programs, and partnering with social media influencers to spread the good word of dairy. Their projects range from working with dairymen to interface with consumers, to video tours of actual dairy farms, to the Dairy Discovery Zone, a mobile exhibit that visits fairs, festivals, and more to provide an immersion experience for consumers (and especially kids!) to learn more about how milk gets from cow to table.

One of our favorite parts of our conversation was learning about DairyMAX's commitment to food banks. Milk is the consistently the most requested item at food banks. It's not something that's hugely donated, and food banks also struggle to have enough refrigerated space to make sure milk stays fresh and cold if they do receive it. DairyMAX donates milk, coolers, and money to make access to this critical food easier for people in need.

Marty also highlights a lot of really cool innovations coming from inside dairy promotion, as well as the (scientific!!) reasons behind why chocolate milk is his favorite dairy product.

Pull up a seat, grab a scoop of ice cream or frosty glass of milk, and enjoy our tribute to June Dairy Month!

Episode 155 - Celebrate June Dairy Month with DairyMAX!