Episode 146 - Ag Labor Series #5 - It's a Wrap (Roundtable with all the series guest)

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This week, we take a different approach from our usual episode structure and welcome back all together our guests from the last four ag labor series.

With their return comes the kind of synergy that sparks even better conversations and perspectives. Each of these gentlemen brought their own experiences and ideas for improvement and solutions in the agriculture labor challenges our industry faces. Together, their perspectives and solution proposals (or maybe we should say the beginning of solutions - all of them acknowledge that there is no one way to tackle this beast) bring a breath of fresh air and unfluffy, look-you-dead-in-the-eye truth speaking to the ag labor challenges.

Seriously, that last part has been our favorite thing to come out of this series. None of our guests beat around the bush. They’re all fed up with the tiptoeing around immigration and ag labor conversations. They’re more than ready for real, meaningful change, even as they recognize that it will be slow and messy. Starting is better than doing nothing, even if it’s an imperfect start.

We deeply appreciate each of our guests, their ideas, no drama, no meandering meaningless words as they graciously shared their time and talents with us.

If you haven’t tuned into this series, we encourage you to do so. The conversations sparked by just this small ripple are something we hope will turn into waves of meaningful and positive change in our industry.

Episode 146 - Ag Labor Series #5 - It's a Wrap (Roundtable with all the series guest)