Steve Kiggins, editor of Twin Falls, ID Times News shares why local news matters more than you think

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This week, we have a really cool guest. We welcome Steve Kiggins ,editor of the Twin Falls, ID local newspaper, the Times News. Steve has worked in journalism for nearly 30 years, both on local and regional levels, and national syndications like US Today. His broad experience brings a unique perspective that might surprise you in this very divided day and age. Steve's mission is to ensure that local people, local news, and local matters don't get lost in the big noise of larger news organizations. His dedication to community, to telling the stories straight, and making sure the people who matter (local communities!) are getting the information they need, when they need it. In addition, he shares that it's incredibly important to avoid both reader and journalist burnout, and talks about ways that can happen (hint: it includes popcorn). We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did - it gave us a broader perspective of the information we consume , and how we need to be conscientious of how it affects both our own experiences and those of the people around us. Tune in!

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Episode 141 - Why We Still Need Local News with Steve Kiggins