Katharine took a work trip to Scotland - and learned way more than just how many accents there are in the UK

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In the first week of December (2022) Katharine got on a 9 hour flight to Glasgow, Scotland. The reason? The company she works for is based there, and she was going over to see how the business runs from the home office, meet new and prospective customers (as well as colleagues she's only ever met over a computer screen), and get a glimpse into Scottish agriculture and hospitality.

Valene interviews Katharine about her experiences, what it was like to meet other agriculturists on their own soil, and what is the same and different about ag here in the US and ag across the pond.

Along the way, they get off on rabbit trails regarding policy about food and agriculture, but don't worry, the rabbit trails are relevant to both the episode and the Millennial Ag podcast - we came up with some good content for future episodes, and know you'll enjoy this lighter hearted one as well.

Tune in to learn what we can learn from our friends across the pond, hear just how green the countryside is there, and a couple of key whisky (note the lack of "e"....that's proper Scottish!) recommendations with more promised as Katharine hopefully returns soon.


Episode 140 - Katharine Goes to Scotland