Episode 137 - Like a bad rash, Wayne Pacelle is Back

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This week, we welcome Ethan Lane, Vice President of Government Affairs at National Cattlemen's Beef Association, based in Washington DC.

He alerts us to something really unfortunate for the agriculture industry - Wayne Pacelle, animal activist extraordinaire (and we don't mean that as a compliment) has returned to the spotlight after getting whacked down by the #metoo movement. Pacelle has a new animal rights organization, cloaked as always in deceit and deception.

The disturbing thing about this conversation is the light that Ethan sheds on these kinds of organizations' ever-evolving (and unfortunately, innovative and effective) tactics to advance their agenda to end animal agriculture.

Ethan is the perfect guide for this conversation, providing nuance and perspective colored by his years of experience in Washington DC, but also his cattle background. Tune into this very important - it's worth saying vital - conversation that is a wakeup call to all animal ag producers to pivot our own strategies to match the cunning and ingenious (we hate to say it, but looking at the face of it, it's true) ways that people like Wayne Pacelle are using to make sure food producers are out of a job.

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Episode 137 - Like a bad rash, Wayne Pacelle is Back