Kelly Maher on Parallels in Politics and Agriculture

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This week’s episode is…..unclassifiable. In the best way possible. We welcome guest Kelly Maher, 9 News in Colorado Republican political analyst, urban farm aficionado, and all-around life wrangler. She wrote an article just after last month’s midterm elections and it hit us in the extremely relevant category, so we knew we had to have her on. While our goal was to talk about her views and perspectives on how the “Red Wave” was circumvented by personal attacks and a lot of talking about people instead of issues, our conversation stretched far and wide.

To talk with Kelly is to immediately want to be her friend. She drew us right in with things we have in common (making cheese, politics, and an affinity for a LOT of coffee), and made us nod our heads in agreement with a lot of what she had to say. We touch on the midterms, how American politics have grown so vitriolic that voters are trying desperately to throw the wackos out of office, urban agriculture, conventional agriculture, campaign finance, fake meat, activists (in politics and ag) and more, more, more.

This is one of the longer episodes we’ve recorded in a long time, and is worth every single minute. There’s no doubt we’ll have Kelly back on soon, and when you hear her sincerity and genuineness, you’ll agree with us wholeheartedly.

Tune in!

Find Kelly Maher and the article that brought us together below:

Twitter: @okmaher


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Episode 136 - Kelly Maher on Parallels in Politics and Agriculture