21 cheeses. 10 tainted milks. Trying (and spitting out) nut juice. These girls know it all.

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It’s that time of year……Katharine’s favorite national holiday, the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis! This week, we’re joined by some girls who are more than familiar with your host’s favorite topic….milk. The Colorado Milk Quality Contest champs are headed to their national competition next week, and crash the show to tell us all about it. They tell us their most and least favorite parts of the competition, we talk about how much (it’s huuuuuuuuuuuge) very specific knowledge they have accumulated and will put to work, and make sure to tell us the one most important thing they’ve learned in nine months of preparation (hint: it won’t surprise you but it will make you laugh). These are some rock star kids who will restore your faith in humanity, and in the future of agriculture. Join us in wishing them the best of luck as they take on the nation’s best. As always, like, subscribe, share and review!



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Episode 131 - Colorado Champion Curd Nerds take on National FFA Competition