Oatly beverage brand crashes World Dairy Expo

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Why would a plant-based beverage brand (no, it is NOT milk, ask Katharine the legal definition of milk and she'll give you an earful) turn up at the dairy industry's premier annual event, the World Dairy Expo? Last week, Oregon dairy farmer and industry advocate Derrick Josi tweeted a request he received personally from Oatly. They asked him to be their guide to all things dairy. Derrick, immediately suspicious of their motives, given their history of lying about the dairy industry's footprint and their perceived superior nutrition to real dairy products, declined to participate. He also made sure to raise the alarm with his more than one million followers, exhorting them to be polite and respectful, but to give Oatly no reason to malign dairymen more. This conversation runs the gamut...it's a fascinating and wide-ranging conversation with one of the industry's best known advocates. Tune in!

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Episode 130 - Drama at the World Dairy Expo with TDF Honest Farming's Derrick Josi