We want community and fellowship within our industry. How does our generation find that?

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This week, Katharine and Val are back in the same space, recording together. We take a look at how we are and aren't involved in our agricultural organizations, and discuss how they may be struggling to speak to our generation. We walk carefully, because these organizations are institutional and have served vital purposes over the years, but also ask the question of how can they be more? How can we be more through them? As noted several times in the episode, we don't have answers, and so come to you, our audience, for your perspective and thoughts on this topic. Get in touch with us! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and directly at talktous@millennialag.com. Thanks as always for listening, and we look forward to the conversation this episode will start.
Episode 124 - How Do We Have Meaningful Relationships Within Our Agricultural Organizations?