Revisiting Mental Health with Dr. Nora Feldpausch

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This week, we were honored to be joined by Dr. Nora Feldpausch, a board certified psychiatrist, mom, and dairywoman. Nora has many years of experience helping people through their mental health journeys. She lays out what mental illness really is and maybe more importantly, what it isn’t. She shares how we can help ourselves and each other (hint: grace), how compassion for self and others is the key to navigating mental health struggles, and brings love and joy to a topic that can be very hard to talk openly about. She talks about how important it is to build a team of professionals while you’re seeking help for mental health challenges, and breaks down what each of those professionals looks like. Dr. Feldpausch hits this episode out of the park, and we’re so excited to bring this third installment in our rural mental health series to you.

Dr. Feldpausch shared the following resources for those seeking help with mental health:

Episode 079 - Revisiting Mental Health with Dr. Nora Feldpausch (Rerelease of Episode 037)