Jason Medows on Ag and Mental Health

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Two weeks out from the U.S. elections, we're joined by Jason Medows, a pharmacist and agriculture producer, not to mention a podcaster in his own right. Jason talks with us about how mindset is the most important thing you can cultivate for mental health. He shares real world advice on how he keeps his mental health in top shape.

He also discusses the importance of keeping perspective as we head into elections. He encourages folks to keep the big picture in mind, to choose kindness when interacting with others, and to take a step back if needed. One of his top ways to maintain mental health is by simply turning off the news.

Like all of our guests who talk about mental health, Jason is real and down to earth. He doesn't have gimmicky fixes, but lots of experience and "here's what's worked for me". If you're feeling a little run down by politics, COVID, 2020 in general, this episode is for you. Make sure to check out Jason's podcast, Ag State of Mind and give him a follow on social media while you're there!

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Episode 059 - Jason Medows on Ag and Mental Health