Millennials Prove Civility Can Exist Around Upcoming US Elections

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This week, we take the Millennial factor to the max. We’re excited to welcome three Millennials from agriculture, to talk about where they’re standing politically as we barrel towards November 3. Dan Lotspeich joins us as a produce grower from northeastern Nevada. A registered Republican, he describes himself as a reluctant but strident Biden voter. Leah Pratt grew up in a conservative household in California, and now is a registered Democrat in rural Idaho. Dustin Cooksey comes to us from row crop production in northeastern Colorado, and is planning to vote for President Trump. These three millennials in ag come together for – wait for it – CIVIL CONVERSATION centered around the United States’ upcoming elections. They discuss policy differences, how they’ve come to their decisions, and perhaps most importantly, showcase that we’re only as divided as we allow ourselves to be. This civilized discussion is something we’re incredibly proud to bring you this fall, and encourage anyone who’s feeling especially discouraged by the discourse in our country right now to tune in. This episode will give you hope.

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Episode 058 - Millennials Prove Civility Can Exist Around Upcoming US Elections