#fancyladycowgirl: Embracing Your Whole Self with Courtenay DeHoff

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Ranch kid. TV host. Fancy lady cowgirl. Meet Courtenay DeHoff, the rockstar guest we had the privilege of hosting this week. Courtenay is the whirlwind force behind the #fancyladycowgirl movement taking ag social media by storm. Courtenay shares with us her origin story, and how she tried to ignore her rural roots but found her strength and unique voice in the world by finally embracing those same roots. We talk about heels and lipstick, what #fancyladycowgirl means to all women, no matter our background, and her adventures in big cities like New York and Los Angeles and connecting with way more people than she ever could have imagined because she said hey, I’m a cowgirl. Nice to meet you.

As the conversation goes on, all of our rural roots start to show, and we step into conversations about hard truths we’re trying to share in agriculture, how we need to tackle tough topics, and the mutual respect gained from making friends with other people who are trying to get loud and say hard stuff in this industry we love so much. Courtenay shows a streak of pride and open-mindedness about both her rural and urban loves that is refreshing, real, and straight up fun to listen to.





Episode 048 - #fancyladycowgirl: Embracing Your Whole Self with Courtenay DeHoff