A Dairy Farmer, a Beef Rancher, and a Vegan walk into a Podcast...

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This week, our guest found us. A high school friend of Katharine’s, Emily Miller took advantage of all the opportunities 4-H and FFA afforded her growing up, including showing animals. Over the last several years, her food and eating perspective has shifted dramatically. Please welcome Millenial Ag’s first vegan guest! You may be thinking that we’re going to get loud and argue over whose science is more correct…but we’re not. We’re here for open dialog and honest conversations. Emily does a stellar job of explaining how she came to be a vegan, and where she sees a lot of misunderstanding between vegans and animal activists and animal agriculture producers. She’s not shy about sharing her opinions, but has a well-rounded approach to viewing veganism and animal product consumption side-by-side. This conversation has been one of our most authentic yet – all three of us were hesitant about taking on an issue with the magnitude that veganism and animal activism has on our animal ag industry. With a lot of grace and respect on both sides, we are proud to bring you this episode that explores how veganism and animal ag can, if not align completely on all issues, at least hear where the other is coming from and agree to mutual respect.





Episode 047 - A Dairy Farmer, a Beef Rancher, and a Vegan walk into a Podcast...