Your Farm is On A Map, and It’s Not Good News

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Heard of Project Counterglow? You may not have yet….it was only published 3 weeks ago. We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about this dangerous scheme. Animal rights activists have taken their agenda one step further, and identified over 30,000 animal enterprise businesses (farms, poultry houses, dairies, feedlots, zoos, etc) in the United States and put those locations on a public – meaning accessible to ANYONE – map.

This precursor to domestic terrorism hasn’t hit mainstream ag networks yet. To bring you the full picture, we sat down with Emily Smith, Senior Communications Coordinator at Protect the Harvest, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting animal enterprises, with its roots in animal agriculture.

Emily gives us the details of Project Counterglow, how it came to be, what agricultural producers can do to protect themselves, and what Protect the Harvest is doing to help. We also talk about the implications of this publication, from violation of privacy and private property rights, to the potential for violence against producers, their families, and the animals they dedicate their lives to caring for.

This episode is time sensitive. We can’t afford to wait to move on this issue. Tune in, and then speak up.

Episode 041 - Your Farm is On A Map, and It’s Not Good News