Leaving Plant Based Protein Behind During the Pandemic

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This week, we are joined by an incredible guest with some awesome insights into current consumer buying behavior. Janette Barnard has a deep background in the animal protein and agriculture supply chain arenas. We discuss why consumers are opting for more traditional protein sources, and leaving plant-based alternatives on the shelves. Janette takes us down a path of talking about how the agriculture supply chain is inflexible, but why that isn’t necessarily a bad thing (at least in non-pandemic times), how the alternative protein business may actually be more adapted to scaling up and down quickly, and what all these sudden changes mean for the face of our industry as we know it. She gets us really excited about the possibilities coming wide open for direct to consumer marketing, and shares insights of what this kind of sudden onslaught of innovation could mean for agricultural producers. This is one episode you don’t want to miss - fast paced and fun, Janette Barnard hits this week’s topic out of the park.

Episode 032 - Leaving Plant Based Protein Behind During the Pandemic