Spilt Milk: A reason to cry

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Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on American health and the economy, and agriculture unfortunately is no exception. Among the hardest hit are our nation’s dairy farmers. While store shelves and food banks sit empty of nature’s most nearly perfect food, dairy producers across the country are literally dumping milk down the drain. This week, we’re joined by two dairy-derived Millennials. Hank and Katy DeVries, siblings from a dairy in Southern Idaho share their on-the-ground experiences with dumping their family’s livelihood and hard work straight down the pipes. Hank talks about what it’s like to literally watch a day’s hard work disappear before his eyes without hope for compensation, while Katy talks about her efforts to try and provide a shot of adrenaline to the industry locally. Problems have piled on top of problems for dairy farmers, who haven’t experienced a year of black ink since 2014. Coronavirus is snowballing the bad effects of years of bad prices, but our guests display agriculturists’ eternal optimism by showing where the light can still be found, even in times of crisis and loss.

Episode 031 - Spilt Milk: A reason to cry