Behind the Curtain of the Golden Globes

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Do the Golden Globes ring a bell? The annual awards ceremony was this past week, and you may have heard about the big dust-up regarding what the celebrities ate. Yep, they went vegan. As you might imagine, the animal ag industry had something to say about this turn of events. Katharine and Valene recap the controversy and agriculture’s response, and then dig a little deeper into the issue behind the issue: the unwillingness of urban populations and societal “elite” to make lasting lifestyle changes that align with the agendas they claim to support. It’s easy to show up to an awards show that’s touting its vegan offerings as sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s a whole lot harder to commit to lasting lifestyle changes that maybe aren’t as sexy. Tune in this week with Millennial Ag to get the full scope.

Episode 019 - Behind the Curtain of the Golden Globes