Getting Pigs Started in the Nursery

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Aiming to reduce pig mortality in the nursery can certainly be a challenge, so this episode features a discussion between two industry experts: Dr. Marlin Hoogland a veterinarian for Smithfield; and Dr. Tim Loula a veterinarian for Swine Vet Center. One of the biggest takeaways from both vets: read the pig!

This episode features a ton of great topics including:

  • Keys to starting piglets in the nursery
  • Successes to Weaning, Transportation, Barn Management, and other stages of a piglets life
  • Receiving pigs to new barns
  • Recommendations for helping pigs find feed & water
  • Setting up a barn for maximum success
  • Key Takeaways from Dr. Loula & Dr. Hoogland's experience
Episode 3: A discussion with Dr. Tim Loula & Dr. Marlin Hoogland: Getting Pigs Started in the Nursery