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Girls Talk Ag features Jennifer Campbell, a farmer and blogger, Karen Corrigan, an independent agronomist and business owner, and Kelsey Litchfield, an agriculture digital media consultant. With their perfect mix of experience and personality, the girls get together to discuss what’s currently on in agriculture! The trio may not always be politically correct, but always honest when plowing through the manure online.

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Jen and Kelsey talk today about why we should give ourselves more grace - especially during this busy harvest season! So take that nap, bake those cookies, and do what makes you feel better. Follow the gals on Twitter -Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

Happy Harvest to many of our friends and families! We're talking farm safety on today's episode - please be careful and safe every day - but especially this fall during harvest time. We also talk about our favorite farm snacks. Our our Jent has many recipes over on her blog - Follow the gals on Twitter -Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

Tune in as Jennifer, Karen, and Kelsey discuss the 'rona and its impact on colleges and universities. Karen shares her recent road trip through Iowa and seeing devastation from the derecho. And the gals share their best guesses on when harvest will start and how the crop is looking in Indiana and Illinois. Tune in to our hot mess conversation!Follow the gals on Twitter -Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

The girls are joined by Krista Swanson, a research specialist in agriculture & consumer economics at the University of Illinois. With her husband and family, Krista grows corn and soybeans in Illinois and is an active volunteer throughout her community. We discuss the economic impact caused by the storm damage in Iowa, the September WASDE report, 2021 farm budget, cash rent, and demand. Tune in for this information filled episode!Follow Krista on Twitter, @KSwanFarm, and visit farmdoc's website - Read Krista's latest articles - the gals on Twitter - Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

Jennifer puts Kelsey in the hot seat on today's episode! They discuss virtual livestock shows and Kelsey shares her experience working for Walton Webcasting.View virtual livestock shows on Walton's website - Us on Twitter!Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13 and visit to learn more about Kelsey's work

While we love to talk about our green and red tractors, we are introduced to a new color - Pink Tractor! Jill Howard and Carol Hughey join us for this episode and discuss their mission to "Encourage, Embrace, Engage, Empower" by sharing impactful stories happening throughout agriculture. Tune in as we talk about not being "bra-burners," how Pink Tractor is expanding their community, and how you can share your story with thousands of others! Follow Pink Tractor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Check out their website too!Follow Us on Twitter!Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

We're talking podcasts on the podcast! Joining us is Jason Medows of the Ag State of Mind podcast. Jason and the girls discuss their journey of starting a podcast, how to do it, and why you should start that project you've always wanted to do!Follow Jason on Twitter - @AGStateofMind1 and his blog - Be sure to listen to the Ag State of Mind podcast also hosted on Global Ag Network. Follow Us on Twitter!Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

The girls talk county fair cancellations, livestock shows, and share a crop update. And we have started a new slang word...tune in!Follow Us on Twitter!Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

The girls have been busy! And we haven't sat down just the three of us for awhile. We're talking about what's happening in the field, in the world, and in our lives on this spring day.Follow Us on Twitter!Jennifer Campbell - @plowwifeKaren Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13

Girls Talk Ag | May 19, 2020

On today's episode, we're welcoming back our friend and former GTA co-host...Angie Setzer! Angie shares an update of what she's been up to, how she organized the virtual event "Breaking Ground: Unearthing Mental Health in Agriculture," and how you can take part in Angie's online grain merchandising class. Tune in!Follow Angie Setzer on Twitter - @GoddessofGrainFollow the "Girls" on TwitterJennifer Campbell - @plowwife Karen Corrigan - @weedgirl24Kelsey Litchfield - @klitchfield13