Small animal vet by day, cattleman by night

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Welcome to April 2022's installment of the Ranching Side Hustle Podcast. Today, Tyler and I welcome friend Bobby Lee Hanks. Bobby Lee, like Tyler and I, has a "town job" by day. He is a small animal veterinarian in a community 45 minutes outside of Memphis, Tennessee. But when he isn't tending to people's pets, he runs Hurricane Creek Farms. HCF is a grazing operation incorporating Cow/calf, stocker, and finished cattle operations. We talk to Bobby Lee about the challenges of running a ranching side-hustle in a place where cattle are not prevalent... a challenge I myself have never experienced living in the Ozarks. We also talk about the integral part our families, namely our wives, play in our operations. Find Bobby Lee on YouTube at

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Ranching Side Hustle Episode 4 - Bobby Lee Hanks - Hurricane Creek Farms