Having hobbies outside of ag

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Michelle Bufkin Horton works for Arkansas Cattleman association and also is involved in her husband’s family’s cow calf operation. Michelle and I have been friends for sometime now but recently she reached out to me and wanted to record a podcast on the importance of hobbies. Especially in the cattle industry, we both felt like producers will say that their cattle are their hobbies. We both wanted to challenge that and say that there needs to be something outside of the industry that you can immerse yourself in so you can take your mind off of it. We each talk about our own hobbies and how we are not necessarily good at them but how they are so good for our mental health. I really had a fun time recording with Michelle. Check her out on instagram at @agandadventure https://www.instagram.com/agandadventure/

ASOM - Ep 92 - Michelle Bufkin Horton - Ag and Adventure