Setting healthy boundaries helps you be the best version of yourself

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“Boundaries are rules you create for how other people can behave toward you” - @melrobbins

An overarching theme in all of the content I have been consuming lately is talking about boundaries

Now I’m not sure if it’s like when you get a new car and all of a sudden you see that new car everywhere... but it has been showing up significantly nonetheless

I believe it is essential to set boundaries around what is most important to you.

To have boundaries, you must first set priorities and then set core values around them.

Everyone has different priorities.

Mine are as follows...

1) My faith in God

2) My own health and well being

3) The health and strength of my marriage

4) My children

5) My job

6) My farm

7) My church calling

8) Everything else

Our priorities and the boundaries we set around them are totally up to us and we must stand firm in them... unfortunately this doesn’t mean that everyone is going to respect them how we would like them to.... and that’s ok and totally not up to us.

Set firm boundaries and stick to them

What are your priorities and boundaries?

Do you have a difficult time saying “No?”

Do you feel like you let others down when you can’t always be there for them?

I struggle with this mightily. But setting clear boundaries can help us show up as our most authentic self.

ASOM - Ep 86 - Boundaries