A shift in mindset can change our whole perspective

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We always talk about how busy we are… but I do think this is the busiest season of my entire life. Right now we have calving, baseball x 4 kids, a new business, and highly demanding church callings… and this silly little podcast that I release every week. This is all in addition to a 40 hour/week job at the hospital.Just whenever you don’t think you can add anything in… something else comes up. Whenever this happens, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed and only see the bad in a situation. I had this very thing happened to me this past week. Levi had a plethora of school events that all occurred on the same day. Today I talk about how that I initially reacted to that situation... and then about how I shifted my mindset around that.

ASOM - Ep 85- We Get To Choose