How to counter anti ag activists

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Have you ever had someone come on to one of your social media pages and make outrageous claims about you and what you do? Unfortunately I had a situation like this pop up a few weeks ago. An animal activist came to my Instagram page and made some ridiculous comments. I made a video and posted it across my social media telling about this. My friend Markie Hageman reached out to me afterward and offerred her support. That prompted me to have Markie back on the podcast to talk about how to handle these types of situations. We chat exclusively about animal activists because that is who we both have come into contact with... but the lessons within can be applied to everyone with a presence on social media. This was a very valuable conversation as Markie is an incredible asset to the industry . Check her out across social media as Girls Eat Beef Too

ASOM - Ep 84 - Markie Hageman - Countering Animal Activists