Marissa is an incredible advocate for veterinary medicine and agriculture alike

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Veterinarians have a special place in my heart for lots of reasons. What some may know is I planned for a lot of years to be a veterinarian. But more so is the fact that I have relied for years on the expertise of vets to aid me in my cattle operation. My guest today is one of the best spokespersons for vets everywhere. Marissa Hake aka Calf Vet is a great advocate for both agriculture and veterinary medicine. We chat today about her journey as a vet. We then spend a good time talking about the mental health of vets and how that is affecting the profession. As livestock producers, I feel like we need to pay special attention to the mental health of our vet doctors. They are such integral parts of our operations. Find Marissa online at Here

ASOM - Ep 83 - Marissa Hake - Calf Vet