My part in a 3 person panel for Farmer Mental Health awareness

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Earlier this month, I was asked by MOST Policy Initiative to share my perspective and personal story on rural and ag mental health on a briefing to those involved in policy decisions at the Missouri state level. I shared my perspective on the three big pillars which are inhibiting access to rural mental health care: stigma, lack of mental health care providers, and sub par internet access in rural areas. I also discuss solutions to each of these issues. I want to thank Dr. Rachel Owen and Dr. Eleni Bickell with MOST for allowing me this opportunity to speak to those who make important policy decisions in our state. Also thanks to Dr. Michael Rosemann and Professor Kathy Dothage for sharing this panel with me. As I said in my talk, I am a proud rural Missourian and I want to see our state thrive. To find out more about this panel and MOST policy initiative go to

ASOM - Ep 78 - MOST Policy Initiative Briefing on Farmer Mental Health