Sleep the final fronteir of health

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Susan Harris is an extension educator with the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. She specializes in rural health wellness and safety. Susan was actually guest on episode number four of the podcast where at the end of that episode we talked a little bit about the importance of sleep. Today we take a bit of a deeper dive into sleep and how it is important for us to pay attention to our sleep. Sleep should no longer be seen as a luxury but as a necessity. One edit here that I wanted to make sure to list. Around 5 minutes in to the interview Susan says that sleep is an umbrella that controls a number of health conditions. She spoke to me after we recorded and wanted to correct herself. What she intended to say is that sleep can protect against these negative health consequences. Susan is an incredible woman and I am so thankful for her long time support of the podcast. To find Susan online go to

ASOM - Ep 77 - Susan Harris - Sleep For Farmers