Kansas rancher with a new podcast on regenerative ranching

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Happy Valentines today. I've made it no secret how I am interested and trying to be involved in regenerative ranching. I've found that it is the most enjoyable and economical way for me to raise my cattle and for me to be kind to the Earth. My guest today is a huge influence in my regenerative journey. Brian Alexander, The Red Hills Rancher, does some incredible, influential things on his ranch in Kansas. We talk to him today about his journey and how regenerative grazing has benefited his operation. We also chat about his new podcast which launches Feb 15. Ranching Reboot will be Conversations in land stewardship with some of today's most innovative ranchers and producers. It gives us Ideas outside the mainstream of Ranching. I'm really excited to introduce Brian and his new podcast to you guys. For more, go to https://agstateofmind.com/2021/02/14/ag-state-of-mind-ep-73---brian-alexander

ASOM - Ep 73 - Brian Alexander - Ranching Reboot