Leadership and career coach

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n our lives and our businesses, we often find ourselves making decisions based on emotion when we should be making those decisions based on hard evidence. What if there was someone out there who could help you work through those emotions to help you make the best decision. Whitney Kinne is a leadership and career coach who helps her clients do just that. We chat today about all of the hard decisions that need to be made in our careers and how having a neutral party in these aforementioned situations can help make those decisions a bit simpler. Whitney has a significant background in agriculture with both of her parents involved with youth in agriculture as she was growing up. Whitney also for a time worked with the Missouri Beef Council as well as the University of Missouri College of Agriculture. She now resides in her childhood home outside of Clinton, Missouri with her husband and two children. Whitney and I had a fascinating conversation and I am excited for you guys to hear it. I have a strong feeling that Whitney will be back on the podcast someday. Find all the links for Whitney at https://agstateofmind.com/2021/02/07/asom-ep-72-whitney-kinne/

ASOM - Ep 72 - Whitney Kinne